Womb CLay Pack


Annointing oils, bath salts, energy sprays, incense and beautiful cards.

Womb Yoga

Women’s Health & Healing

Ancient techniques for healing today’s modern woman.

Spiritual mentoring

Energy Healing Transmissions

Be fully present with now, and connect more deeply with your spiritual being.

Priestess Healer Training – Glastonbury 2018/19

One-year journey around the Goddess Healing Wheel 2018/19 Angie Twydall is taking a sabbatical. A year off to travel, write and spend more time with family and friends around the world! I will be back!   There is a sacred

The Red Tent

The Red Tent Moonlodge – Glastonbury

Are you looking for another way consistent with the rhythms, cycles and ways of being? Join us in the Red Tent.

Shadow Sister – Weekend Worshop in Glastonbury 10-12 November 2017

Is now the time to heal from the betrayal, burnings and persecution? Is now the time to reclaim ourselves and our Sisterhood? From the fall of the Temples to the Witch Hunts and Burning Times, women have seen their Sisterhoods