2nd-11th July 2018

You are invited to join us on a 9 day Womb Awakening Teacher Training Retreat & Pilgrimage in the wilds of Exmoor, UK. This is intensive feminine soul-awakening work combined with shamanic journeying into the Old Ways.

Our setting is in the raw primordial lands of Ancient Exmoor in the UK. Our retreat centre is remote but accessible, set high up on Exmoor where we can easily connect to all the elements, the Faye, the Deer and Stags and the Buzzards. You will have time to connect to the Dragons of the landscape, walk along streams and natural pools. Come find the voice of your womb and the song of your Soul.

  • Come and Experience: A magical, transformational, and experiential “Moon College” education
  • Shamanic Ceremonies
  • Womb Yoga
  • Deep emotional release work
  • Core Wound Healing & Grief Ceremonies
  • Pilgrimage through the 7 Grail Gates of the Womb Medicine Wheel
  • Body-Prayers
  • Sacred Dance &  Sounds of the Womb
  • Basic Anatomy & Meridian Points
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Q&A Sessions and a Supportive Environment to Empower Your Own Sacred Vocation.

The Womb Awakening Teacher Training Retreat can be taken on its own, or alongside the Womb Awakening online Apprenticeship. During an in-person retreat you will learn the tools and techniques to assist others in their Womb Awakening journey. You will be guided and trained to hold Womb Awakening Workshops, Womb Grief Rituals, Sacred Womb Sounding Workshops, 4 Womb Elements Workshops, Moon Circles and more.

Womb Awakening teaching certification depends on your completion of the Spiral 1 Online immersion as well, see below, but the Spiral 2 retreat is a deep journey and experiential learning in its own right, and can be taken independently of Spiral 1, for your own learning and personal development, and/or to weave Womb Awakening teachings into your own sacred vocation along with other healing arts.

How to Book

For booking and more information see here: http://theblessed-bee.co.uk/shop/womb-awakening-9-day-teacher-training-retreat-pilgrimage/