One-year journey around the Goddess Healing Wheel

2018 Angie Twydall is taking a sabbatical. A year off to travel, write and spend more time with family and friends around the world!

I will be back!

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There is a sacred flame of Goddess healing light energy that flickers through time and space – the Healing Flame of Goddess. This stream of spiritual essence flows through our human form; anchoring Goddess energies back into the energy grids on a personal, and when ready a cosmic level. My sacred Path is to hold and share this field of healing love with the next generation of Goddess Temple Healers.

A Priest/ess Healer is a Wise Soul, a Channel for Goddess energy, an Oracle, and a Ceremonialist.  During healing sessions the Healer uses specifically attuned Goddess energy combined with prayer, invocation and ritual, which deepens the experience.

Healers are the caretakers of the emotional, spiritual and physical landscape of our communities. We are part of the bigger tapestry of life, and hold the web gently.

The Path of the Priest/ess Healer provides you with skills to deeply enter this ancient and re-claimed lineage. “Know thyself” and “Be the change you want to see” are the course mantras. This is a Mystery Training of the Old Ways – a journey of deep personal transformation and initiation. It may not always be easy: it is a magical ride into your own healing journey so that you can become a clearer vessel for the power of Goddess herself to hold and heal through you.


Testimonials from Students 2016 Course

priestess healer logo“I came to the course with little experience but a strong desire to heal myself and others, to explore Goddess energy and a range of healing techniques.

Every weekend has been an alchemy of deep love, exploration, ceremony and healing and each circle has brought deep release, shifting and transformation on a personal and collective level. I have felt nothing but safe, held and supported throughout the journey.

We have been guided gently, compassionately and wisely by Angie and through her expertise and experience, we are all stepping into the power of our true Priestess Healer selves. A truly life-changing course.”

Pip Cooper Glastonbury UK

priestess healer - fire weekend“I have undertaken many spiritual healing trainings over the last 30 years and Angie’s approach, process and expertise are the best I have experienced.

She is a very wise woman, priestess and healer with a profound presence alongside being a skilled facilitator who brings out the highest healing potential of everyone undertaking the programme.”

Rev Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE