This 30-Day journey can be done by women, couples and wise women in the moon-a-pause. It helps align your cycles with the Moon, tunes you into Lunar Alchemy, awakens you into ecstatic, cosmically creative Menstruation, brings renewal and nurturance into your life, and also reconnects your Womb to the new waves of energy being emitted from the Galactic Womb Centre.

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Next journey: Available anytime working 1-1 with me, Angie Twydall as your guide and mentor

Welcome to your journey into the Moon mysteries…
With menstrual ritual and audio Shamanic Ceremony you will take a guided journey through New Moon, waxing with the creative, magnetic, outward Womb energies, culminating in the flowering, expansive, life-giving Full Moon, then waning into thereceptive, intuitive, inner Womb energy, before descending into the Dark Moon portal, to reclaim your prophetic, shamanic power as a Womb Priestess or Womb Shaman. You will also be guided through your Blood Moon, if you receive this blessing – journeying into the primordial river of your menstruation, receiving gifts on the in breath ebb of her lunar tides, and releasing any blocks to feminine power on the lunar out flow.

How do you participate in this course?
This sacred 30-day lunar journey will take place in your own space, all materials will be emailed to you by your Womb Mentor, who will be your point of contact and support. Time commitment is approximately 20 minutes a day for meditation and ritual. There will be 5 Shamanic Ceremonies on New Moon, 1st Quarter Moon, Full Moon, last Quarter Moon and New Moon each starting at 8.30pm (your time). There is no ‘have to’ and you can decide how deeply you wish to journey. There will also be guidance for awakening your menstruation – including for those now in the moon-a-pause.

What you will receive:
~ 5 audio-guided Shamanic Ceremonies and energy transmissions to celebrate the lunar phases

~ An extract from our forthcoming book ‘Pilgrimage into the Womb – Awakening the Feminine Holy Grail

~ Information on the latest science on the power of Menstruation

~ A comprehensive information PDF Grimoire with guidance on Lunar journeying and menstrual magic that will transform your Moontime – including those in Moon-a-pause and in Sacred Union

~ Daily Solar/Lunar Alchemy practices from the Grail lineage

~ Support from a personal Womb Awakening Mentor

~ Online support and sharing in a private ‘Womb Nest’ group

For contributions between $144- $233, (approx. UK equivalent £90-£146) just enter your contribution and click ‘Add to Cart’ on the Fountain of Life website

Any queries, or if you would like more info before committing please

email or call 01458 835562