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A 40-day sacred journey to reclaim the Wild Feminine Power of the Womb Goddess and re-activate the True Sacred Heart of the Womb Warrior – bringing them together into Sacred Union, healing the separation between the Masculine and the Feminine… for Women, Men and Couples.

What people are saying: ‘I am loving this process!’ ’Thank you for holding this beautiful space’ ‘Wow – this takes one deeper and deeper. This is such powerful work. Thank you.’ ‘Truly life-changing’

What you will receive:

  •  A personal Womb Awakening Mentor for support
  •  3 long-distance healing Womb Transmissions with audio guidance
  •  Video instructions for Womb Awakening Dance and audio guidance
  •  3 audio files of deep Shamanic Ceremony to open, unfold and awaken inner and outer Sacred Union in 3 progressive awakening Spirals
  •  Practices for Solar/Lunar Sacred Union Yoga with audio guidance
  •  Practices and information transmissions from the Celtic Grail lineage; including the Womb Chakra Circuit, the Sacred Feminine Medicine Wheel of the Rose Cross & a Pilgrimage through the 8 Grail Gateways
  •  The Sound Frequency of the Womb – the unique Womb Lyre which resonates with creative life force – taking you on a journey through your sexual gateways
  •  An information transmission on the Core Trauma Imprint, and guidance on how to identify and heal your own personal imprint
  •  Share your experiences on a private Womb Circle forum on the Fountain of Life website or on in a private FB group
  •  Receive instructions on Fountain of Life breathing practices to move, circulate and release anger into pure Shakti (life force energy)
  •  Identify and begin healing your blocks to intimate relationship and Soulmate Union
  •  Identify and begin healing your blocks to embodying your Sacred Sexual Womb Power or your Potent Masculine Sexual Power
  •  Experience the Ceremony of Reunion – and receive a Sacred Womb Infusion from the Divine Mother, as you cross the threshold of physical, emotional and spiritual rebirth.

You will never be the same again after this journey, …

Sacred Union radiates out to embrace everything, it rebirths the lost parts of ourselves, activates the powerful gifts we are destined to share, it deepens relationships, attracts our soulmate, and extends the generosity of love to all of life. The Wombiverse is waiting to birth everything you desire, the truth of who you really are… Are you ready to be part of the change?

What is Womb Awakening?It is the reconnection with our essential life force, the spark of life that flows through all things. It is the awakening of the creative energy held in a woman’s Womb and feminine essence, and a man’s Hara – seat of his potent masculine essence. It brings us alive, opens us to love, and helps us realize our destiny, and have the courage and passion to birth it into reality.

What is Sacred Union? It is the experience of feeling in harmony with yourself, with others and with the universe. It brings a deep sense of connection and intimacy with everything around you and inside you. Everything in existence is a perfect blend of the masculine and a feminine principle – but these two sides of our nature have become separated, and our true feelings and lives are divorced. This journey reunites them, and this inner harmony brings love, joy and fulfillment to our relationships. We embrace the flow of life, and enjoy the ride.

What will this invite into your life?

  •  You will uncover, investigate and heal core childhood traumas and patterns that have been haunting you and sabotaging your life, relationships and vitality.
  •  You will move beyond the ‘victim story’ and take responsibility for your life, giving you the power to change and co-create a better future.
  •  You will have a safe and supportive container to feel, express and release all the grief and sadness you have been repressing, leading to major breakthroughs.
  •  You will experience forgiveness for hurts and heartbreaks you have been carrying with you for many years, opening your heart to love again.
  •  You will explore, awaken and activate your ‘Shakti’ (life force) energy, to ignite your primal power, sensual pleasure and passion and purpose for life again.
  •  You will explore and heal the energy pathways in your body, which are shutdown, or separated from the Womb Grid of energy that flows within.
  •  You will explore and open the Voice of your Womb – giving you the courage to speak your truth, state your boundaries, and express what your heart feels.
  •  You will deepen your sacred relationships, and rebirth the connection into greater harmony, intimacy, honesty and love.
  •  You will open the way to attract a sacred relationship, or to unite with your soulmate, if you are not already in relationship.
  •  You will explore your sexual blocks and open into the wild innocence of your natural sexuality, which expresses itself freely, without shame
  •  You will restore or deepen your connection to Spirit, to the Great Mother whose pure love can heal any pain of separation through miracles and grace.

NOW IS THE TIME for radical, passionate joyful transformation!

This initiation period includes 39 days of transformation: 3 spirals of 13 days (13 is a potent number of Feminine Creativity) – and then rebirth on the 40th day.

Please call 014580835562 or email angie@theblessed-bee.co.uk for dates of the next course.