Angie Twydall is a Therapist, Healer, Yoga Teacher, Doula, Sacred Bee Priestess with over 18 years healing experience. She blends together the combination of practical and grounded experiences in the working world, together with a magical, liminal life of living as a Priestess.

Angie is a sensitive intuitive, soul healer and workshop facilitator, helping others to release deeply held emotions and wounding’s. She is trained in many different healing lineages; Grail Mystery School, Celtic Priestess of Rhiannon, Dragon lineages. Her healing work is supported by teachings from NFSH, Reiki, Shamanic, sexual and emotional healing, the Path of Love & Sacred Union.  Angie is now re-claiming Goddess Healing and Sacred Bee Priestessing practices . As part of the wider Goddess community, she Priestesses at the annual Glastonbury Goddess Conference and works at the Goddess House as a Priestess Womb Healer & Therapist.

As a Bee Guardian, Angie has over 10 years practical experience of working, observing and honouring honey bees.  Angie is the Guardian of the Avalon Apiary based at the foot of the Tor in Glastonbury, a sacred place to observe and commune with the HoneyBees, in their own Sacred Bee Temple space.

To help new Sacred Bee Guardians Angie has written an online course dedicated to tomorrow’s new beekeepers. It is now well accepted that natural bee keeping is helping the managed bee population in the world.  New bee keepers can help their local communities with the knowledge and skills to help maintain the delicate eco-systems we are all part of.

Beekeeping is not always easy! The bees can sting and are often unpredictable. The honey harvest depends on many factors, including the weather (very key here in the SW of England) Honey harvested is natural, with many positive health benefits, as hay fever suffers are now realising.  The beeswax is also a useful, wonderful product, which is often wasted, and the bees work so hard to produce it!

Our e-course covers basic techniques needed to start beekeeping, and shares different views on the way forward. We hope is that this will help people to start bee keeping and make a difference to the bio-diversity and sustainability of our delicate eco-systems.

One week intensive learning and experiencing the Path of the Sacred Bee Priestess, is visioned for Spring 2019 in Crete, Greece. Details will be posted when finalised.

Blessings on the Bees!

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Rod is a Meditation Teacher and Group Facilitator. Qualifying as a Holistic Therapist after initially re-training as a Counsellor and a Further Education Tutor.

Rod’s personal meditation practice has been a long journey of discovery. The insights gained have enabled Rod’s courses to be life changing and thought provoking.

Rod works as a Holistic Therapist.  He volunteers with the Mankind Project and Journeyman UK.   Ongoing local mens groups have now become an important part of his life.  Rod is now working with the Fountain of Life, where he and Angie run Spiral 1 and 2 workshops in person, together with online and skype support for mentored courses.