Overview and Introduction

How honeybees came into my life 

16 years ago I was a busy successful therapist, wife, daughter, and mother to 2 young children.

I was a self-employed yoga teacher and therapist running a busy day spa.

I had a busy social life and lots of hobbies gardening, and loved anything to do with the natural world.

The honeybee crisis came into my consciousness many years ago now. Seemingly where ever I looked, whatever I read, or heard on the news was honeybee related.

Okay! My turn to wake up and do something. When situations are serious something in our consciousness collectively, and individually kicks in.  I found I was shocked, and when this happens adrenaline kicks in and takes over. This then gives us the energy and impetus to rise to whatever challenge has presented itself. When a crisis happens, we as humans can shift our viewpoints. Rather than feeling helpless negative and overwhelmed, the crisis can actually become a doorway a gateway, and a teacher to a new way or a new lesson.

The crisis point for many beekeepers has been described and named as “Colony collapse“.

Has the insatiable desire of mass needs come first?

Has technology, materialism, taken over our connection to Mother Earth, Gaia, the planet itself.

Have we removed ourselves so much from the delicate ecosystems that we have around our man-made existence?

The bees are calling out to us, if they had a voice they would be screaming – but the next best way is for them to react, interpret and show humans what is happening. All beings have emotions, feelings and senses. Suffering happens when these natural states are suffocated and true behaviour is masked just for survival.

The only way the bees are able to communicate to us humans is through their patterns of behaviour, and their state of health. Bees are a species in deep crisis which is reducing their life force energy.

Their ability to resonate in tune with their surroundings is compromised.

They’re calling out for our help.

Their ability to resonate in tune with their surroundings is compromised. 

Have you heard their call? 

Here is a short video to reflect on.

New bees

How does this make you feel?

What do you think is the issue with the decline of the pollinators?

How aware are are you of the situation locally for you?

I love using a bee journal - can I suggest you sit and write or draw your responses.

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