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What is a Sacred Bee Priestess?

The honeybee is a sacred creature of elemental alchemy - balanced individually and collectively in the Hive with earth, air, fire and water.

Spreading messages of love, co-operation, music and sacred magic from the other realms.

This beautiful journey into the Hive of Sisterhood and the Sacred Bee Priestess Lineages is now available as a hybrid training for the first time in the UK

                                                           Entry to the Bee Temple starts in September 2023                                                             

 6 unique, online monthly modules delivered through my website

Mid month live zoom calls for all Hive members - replays available if you are unable to attend live

Fees for all online content, and tuition £1686

£333 deposit payable on successful application and interview. remainder payable by agreed monthly installments

PLUS EXTRA optional inperson 2 day event - 10th and 11th October 2023 at the Goddess Hall Glastonbury

  Additional costs apply, details on request at interview

Overview of Sacred Bee Priestess Training course content

   The Bee Medicine Wheel

Awakening Your Bee Priestess self

Bee meditations and shamanic journeys

Leadership skills and holding a Bee Temple space

The Core Practices of the Sacred Bee Priestess

Body prayers/mudras/mantras

Rituals and Ceremonies

Shamanic Journeys

Invocations & Sacred Sound

Bee Prayers

Angie Twydall 
Sacred Bee Priestess

   Delivered by the Founder of the Sanctuary of Sophia and The Blessed Bee

  Angie Twydall

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Sacred Bee Priestess Training 2023/2024

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About Your Sacred Bee Priestess facilitator

Angie Twydall

Welcome to a glimpse into my bee loved world!

My name is Angie Twydall and I am a Sacred Bee Priestess – a natural bee centered bee guardian, who sees the bees as messengers. I observe and meditate with the bees and seek insights for health and healing.

Over the years I have gained many channeled ideas, visions and projects – the main one is The Bee Oracle Deck, now out in the world pollinating hearts and minds!

I live and work on the beautiful, wild primordial lands of Exmoor, in the SW of England.  The bees are trying their best in the changeable spring weather. They are in a sheltered valley with trees and plants to support them.

I started off with a few hives and over 3 years collected so many swarms we have 10 hives. I now only take honey off for ceremonial and medicinal use, honouring the gifts of the Hive if their preciousness.

May you come and learn the jargon, the bee basics of bee keeping...and if you then choose move onto the Sacred Bee Priestess Training and dive into the Hive of the Greater Mysteries.

Blessed Be

Love Angie xxx

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