I create personalised blends for times of transition in your life..when you feel you need to be able to shift something energetically, when you feel at a crossroads in your life. I carry out a 1-1 consultation, either in person in Glastonbury, or Canterbury. If you are not in the Uk, or are unable to travel I also offer phone or skype sessions.

The blends is unique to you and is based on your emotions, colours, life’s seasons, moods. You can have the blend made up into an energy spray, anointing oil, or bath salts. Please read what others say about them.

This high quality range of products are handmade by Aromatherapist and Priestess of Rhiannon, Angie Twydall. They have been intuitively inspired and blended using essential oils chosen for their energetic qualities. The essential oils used for you are unique, individual..just as you are!

These energetic product blends have been carefully formulated to help you connect with the grounding and healing energies of the Lady of Avalon, Glastonbury. Full details of the blend will be given to you after a 1-1 consultation.

We love getting feedback from you! Let us know how you have used the products and the effects on your personal altar practice, rituals and everyday use!

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