Sacred Bee Keeping Intensive – new dates 2024 coming soon!


New One Week Intensive

Come learn and experience the Path of the Sacred Bee Priestess in Exmoor, SW England  – Home of the Black Bee

Sacred Bee Keeping Intensive Course
5 days tuition fee – £686
non-residential – choice of accommodation camping, local b n b, or local hotels.

Venue – will be notified on booking

Please note prices do not include your flights or travel to the venue or your accommodation.

Suitable for those committed to a deep week of process and attunement to the Blessed Bee

Outline – Each Day has a structured programme subject to intuitive changes!

Hexagonal 1
Exploring the way of the Hive, Bee Priestess breath work and song Crafting shamanic bee keeping tools. Hive sounds & Meditation, Journey to the Hive. The Bee Keeping Year

Hexagonal 2
Colony collapse, Queenless states.Hive consciousness, decline of the Bee. Ceremony of Protection & Healing.The Bee Star Cluster. Bee energy vibrations, oracling and wisdom.
The forgotten Hive – community, family.

Hexagonal 3
The use of fire/smoke. Focusing techniques using fire, experience deep cleansing and purification ceremony, sacred intentions and prayers. Bee types, jobs and division of work. Hive Art – history and images used. Meditation to inspire our own hive art. Painting/drawing Hive art.

Hexagonal 4
Drones – through their eyes, the seen and unseen, the virgin queen, mated Queen, mothers & daughters. Pheromones – the magical use of scent to communicate by the Bees. Swarming – The song of increase. The Sting – act of love. Make your own Bee Priestess anointing oil.

Hexagonal 5
Gifts of the hive, propalis, honey, beeswax. Communication – waggle dance, group ceremony honouring abundance & gifts. Communion – scent, sound, protection, defence. Crafting a Bee Priestess Medicine Bag. Awakening fully to Bee Unity Consciousness. Co- created ceremony to dedicate as Sistar/Brother of the Sacred Bee.

Practical sessions on hives, hive parts, tools, observation of bees on location in their natural habitat, at the Avalon Apiray.

It is NOT essential to keep your own bees, but desirable. It is recommended you have a basic understanding of bee keeping,

Please wait til January 2020 for confirmation of accommodation advice, costs and further course information.

Book now payment for tuition fees in full £686

Blessed Be

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