Tribal Star Queen Goddess 50ml Energy Spray


Here is my exclusive Goddess energy spray ready for this years Glastonbury Goddess Conference. You can purchase it here in preparation for the online ceremonies, or in person at the event in July 2021

Like all my sprays I dowsed and attuned to the energies to get the right combination of essential oils for this starlight blend.

Ingredients:- rose otto, myrtle, sandalwood, sweet almond oil, red and white spring water, solubiliser, in a 5oml blue glass bottle and spray lid.

Rose Otto  is the Queen of the oils, both gentle and strong, helping you to come into your soft power and seek the answers to your potential, your role in life, your service and actions. This works on your sacral and solar plexus chakras.

Myrtle helps to summon your Muse, your creative voice and soul bringing insights into your feminine intuitive nature and qualities of self love and acceptance. It activates your brow chakra. Aligned to the planets Venus and Neptune.

Sandalwood helps you to listen deeply, be calm and grounded. You are helped to be the bridge between heaven and earth. This oil resonates with your crown and sacral chakra.

Suggestions for use:-

Ground and center yourself, hold the spray to your heart and connect with its vibration. Ask for permission to work with the oils. Breathe in the spray above your head (2-3 squirts), gently taking in the essence and energy of the scents of the Liquid Starlight Spray as it descends into your aura.

Use the spray whenever you want to connect to the Heavens, Stars and your tribe.

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Weight 60 g