Womb Clay Pack


Used for healing, detox, fertility, unblocking, purification, releasing shame from sexual past, Yoni clay packs are a natural healing way to detox and nourish your womb. Herbs are added for healing and support.

This clay and herbal blend helps to focus on opening the sacral chakra and is a natural way of healing your womb. It absorbs toxins and is recommended for heavy bleeding, PMS, and bloating.  When carried out in sacred space it helps connect to spirit, and a visionary state.

You will need:-

  • fuller’s earth mix with herbs
  • natural spring water
  • muslin cloth/gauze to place over the clay
  • medical tape to hold pack in place


Instructions:- Mix clay with approx. double the amount of water. Cover and leave for 30 mins to 4 hours to allow clay to absorb the water. When the clay holds it shape without falling apart apply a thin layer directly onto your skin. Cover with muslin/gauze, tape into place if needed. Leave on overnight or at-least
1 hour. Wash off. Rest and heal. Drink more water to help flush out residual toxins

Ingredients total 50g –  dried Lavender/Fullers Earth Clay

Full instructions inside leaflet with pack

Please note packaging may vary depending of suppliers availability.  Images are a guide only.  Clay contents weight and instruction leaflet as stated.

Additional information

Weight 105 g

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