Goddess Energy Spray – Egyptian 50ml


After a Sacred Site visit to Egypt I was inspired to connect with the Blue Lotus Flower.

This is a very sweet, soapy scent like nothing else I have experienced!

Combining the energies of the Goddess of Egypt I have hand blended essential oils .

Use this spray to energise, uplift, cool, refresh, calm and enhance your self expression of the Egyptian pathways.

50ml dark glass bottle with spray and lid

To use; either use 2-3 gently sprays over your head to cleanse your aura, eyes closed and breath in. Or spray onto your hands before a treatment with a client, or use as a room spray to place the energy into your space.

Ingredients:  Spring Water, essential oils of Blue Lotus, rose maroc, thyme, chamomile roman, myrtle and hyssop.

Cautions: Pregnancy, High Blood Pressure


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Weight 125 g